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Something wicked...

There's something outside on my patio. I prefer to believe it's a something and not a someone. It sounds like something brushing against the screen door, not quite as if it were being slid open. At first I thought it was the cat brushing against the vertical blinds, but then she came over to investigate. This had the double negative impact of assuring me that something was making noise and assuring me it wasn't Princess.

Now, I live in a very safe area. As far as I know, the only hoodlums in my apartment complex are of the 8-year-old variety. Plus, I just realized that my front door was unlocked, so if someone had really wanted to come in, they could've just come through the door. Okay, that's creeping me out, I have to go lock the door...

I'm back. So it's a something. A bat, a bird, a dog. The wind? Fortunately bigger than a spider, although if a spider showed up about now, I'd probably have a serious freak-out.

You single women who live alone: how do you deal with "noises"? They aren't technically threatening, but I'm really straining to keep my macabre imagination in check. Do you keep the TV or music on? Beat the ideas out of your head and distract yourself into feeling safe?
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