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My personality defect

Yet another quiz. I swear that might be all I do with my LJ.

My personality defect is
You are 42% Rational, 57% Extroverted, 42% Brutal, and 57% Arrogant.

As the Lord as my witness, I swear upon the good book that you are indeed the TELEVANGELIST! Characterized by extreme arrogance, self-assurance, and extroversion, you would make a very charismatic leader (or a very despotic one). On top of that, you are also more intuitive than rational, predisposing you to a more spiritual or emotional outlook on life. Thus, you are thoroughly irrational. You also tend to be rather gentle and considerate of others' feelings. Clearly, you would make the perfect televangelist. Emotional, extroverted, arrogant, and gentle, you annoy the heck out of people who have to listen to the feel-good, intuitive garbage spewing from your mouth. Not only that, but people may look down on you as a self-centered prick. So while you are gentle and genuinely care about others, it is quite clear that you still care about yourself more. Why is your personality flawed? Because you are too accursedly extroverted, emotional, and arrogant. So preach your irrational message, brotha-(wo)man! I assure you, no one will be listening!

[Of course, I'm pretty much right in the middle of all of those qualities, so either I don't, in fact, have any personality defects...or I have all of them. Plus, some of the questions were kind-of skewed. For instance, "I am very humble." If I say "true," I'm being arrogant about my humility, and if I say "false," I'm still arrogant. I also take issue with the fact that my belief in spirituality counted as toward intuitive as opposed to rational. --Ed.]
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