July 11th, 2005

Arwen Undómiel

Friggin' income-tax-less state...

Have you ever heard of the RTA Excise tax? I got my vehicle tab renewal postcard in the mail (last month, and only just now found it, and then only after going through all the piles of paper in my dining room, living room and den). It had a nice "Renew online!" banner on it, so I thought, that sounds like a good plan! So I went online to renew and was surprised by $33 of extra fees. For one thing, if I want to have it mailed to me, I have to use a subagent, who will charge $3.75 (you want to talk about a racket, be a subagent for the DOL; but I don't have the time to get all worked up about that now). Second, I had an extra $30 for RTA Excise tax on the bill that wasn't on my postcard. Which one is right? I mean, naturally I don't want to pay it, because who wants to pay more than she has to? But in the interest of "rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar's," I would pay it if I had to. Will I get in trouble if I mailed in the postcard and it didn't have the fee? Why do we live in this socialist state, anyway?
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